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5 months ago

Voting has arrived! It has been added to Survival and Dupe. We plan to keep introducing more vote rewards as time goes on.


DupeTable Joins SunMC
6 months ago

DupeTable Joins SunMC

Hey everyone,

We're proud to announce that DupeTable is now joining SunMC. What does this mean for you? We've added a new dupe gamemode. This gamemode is a survival server where you can do /dupe. There are also undupeable items which can be quite rare to get at times. Griefing is allowed so enjoy the chaos. We will also be using the DupeTable map rather than resetting it as it has been around for over a year and the world is over 150GB.


The PVP Update!
6 months ago

The PVP Update

Hey everyone,

We've added a PVP arena to Survival! You can now fight other players for their items (or a 15% chance for their head to drop). You can sell player heads to the NPC at the arena spawn. You can get to the PVP arena by using /warp pvp.


8 months ago

Welcome to the SunMC forums. Here you can chat with other SunMC members. Make sure to join our discord server:

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